Buy Boat Fridges partners with Vitrifrigo

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Buy Boat Fridges partners with Vitrifrigo

Built to withstand harsh marine environments and an adventurous journey into the outdoors, Vitrifrigo has been a leading worldwide manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers and ice makers designed specifically to accommodate boat and RV interiors. The sleek, durable and energy efficient range of Vitrifrigo units are designed to offer superior reliability whilst maximizing space.

Why choose Vitrifrigo?

Developed to optimize power consumption whilst offering superior durability, and reliability; Vitrifrigo refrigerators, freezers and ice makers have been designed and built with the user in mind. Whether you're heading towards an ocean full of possibilities or breathing in the fresh air of new altitudes, Vitrifrigo has developed their range of products to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Ideal for vessels and outdoor vehicles of all sizes, Vitrifrigo provides a solution to meet the demand of any boater or RVer. Designed to accommodate different installation requirements, Vitrifrigo offers many of their units with internal compressors. This means the entire system and components are in one place, everything from the condenser to the evaporator is built into the unit, which makes servicing and maintenance easier. Self-Contained units are convenient and ideal for almost any application, offering a simple "plug and play" operation.
External compressor units are optimal for applications with limited ventilation as the condenser and compressor are remotely installed, separate from the refrigeration or freezer unit itself. The #1 benefit of having an external compressor unit is eliminating the noise of the condenser and compressor from the installation site. This is particularly ideal for sprinter vans, sailboats, travel trailers, small cabin cruisers, and RV's with limited space.

Another stand out feature of many of the Vitrifrigo refrigeration, freezer and ice maker units, is having the option of a reversible door; which allows the unit to be a left or right hinged unit. Taking into account the vast installation applications of their units, Vitrifrigo has also upgraded many of their fridge and freezer units to be interchangeable on demand, allowing the unit to become a flush or surface mounted unit based upon the utilization requirements. These customizable Vitrifrigo units provide an instant upgrade and enhancement to any galley, deck, companionway or kitchen.