Discover why the Vitrifrigo All-In-One is the most sought after model

By Vitrifrigo Support on
Whether you're mapping out your next road trip or preparing your boat for the upcoming season on the water, look no further than the Vitrifrigo Interchangeable Refrigerators and Freezers to enhance your next great journey. Designed to maximize space, Vitrifrigo has developed single and double drawer fridge and freezer units that are easily interchangeable on demand. Intended to accommodate multiple requirements; the All-In-One customizable feature has the ability to separately manage different temperatures, allowing multiple needs to be met with just one unit! This innovative function is one-of-a-kind and only available from Vitrifrigo!

The compact single drawer D20A (0.7 cu ft.) and D30A (1.0 cu ft.) models are ideal for small spaces and feature an external cooling unit, allowing the compressor to be remotely installed. The remotable external cooling unit offers added volume inside of the refrigerator, in addition to expanding the installation possibilities in terms of functionality, efficiency and soundproofing. Both the D20A and D30A are available in either black or white and have the ability to start in fridge mode and then switch to freezer mode or vice-versa. 

At just 2.8 cu.ft. the multi-setting, external cooling, Vitrifrigo DRW70A Refrigerator + Freezer features an adjustable flange that allows the unit to be altered based upon the installation requirements of the space. With the ability to develop into either a flush or surface mounted unit, the DRW70A best exemplifies the possibilities of the customizable All-In-One function.

The popular Double Drawer DRW180A is celebrated for its innovative capabilities and All-In-One design that furnishes three options in one unit; Refrigerator + Freezer, Freezer + Freezer, Refrigerator + Refrigerator. With the ability to independently operate each drawer, the compartments can be utilized as either a refrigerator at 4°C or as a freezer at -18°C. Its poly-urethane foam insulation ensures that your food and drinks will remain cold whilst traveling, resulting in improved food storage. The versatile and multifunctional Vitrifrigo DRW180A is favored amongst boaters and Rvers ready to take on their next adventure!


The all-new DRW360A is composed of two units, combined into one model. The C180 door Refrigerator occupies the top half of the interchangeable unit, whilst the DRW180A All-In-One allows greater flexibility of the two bottom drawers, with its ability to adapt to your requirements. Combining the C180 and the DRW180A results in increased versatility as well as an expanded capacity of 10.8 cu. ft. of total volume! 

There's multiple reasons the All-In-One series is often referred to as "The only one". Spend more time roaming and enjoy the many benefits of the versatile, energy and space efficient, multifunctional Vitrifrigo interchangeable units!